Agricultural BiocharEnriching Soil, Capturing Carbon

American Biocarbon is a leading manufacturer of the next great advancement in carbon technologies: biochar. Biochar is charcoal made when biomass is heated to high temperatures in the absence of oxygen.  The intricate cellular structure of bagasse creates biochar that offers unique features and benefits.  Used as soil amendment, our agricultural biochar improves water retention, helps retain fertilizer, and steadies plant growth, making fields more productive.  It also captures carbon in solid form, which means carbon is permanently sequestered, making it a key environmental solution for carbon capture.

Product Uses


  • >Carrier for fertilizer
  • Reduction of fertilizer run-off
  • Animal feed additive for larger weight gains and lower emissions
  • Soil amendment for improved hydration and soil health


  • Coke replacement
  • Waste Stream filtration
  • Contamination remediation


  • Wastewater filtration
  • Mine tailing remediation
  • Dredging waste filtration