Fuel PelletsEnergy Dense Biomass Pellets

American BioCarbon's fuel pellets replace coal in the electrical energy production chain.  Made from agricultural waste, our pellets have a lower carbon footprint than wood pellets, and avoid the deforestation concerns associated with wood pellet production. Our process leaves the forest where it is, and instead uses a waste product to create fuel pellets which meet or exceed required standards to burn in place of coal. 

Increase in deforestation due to wood pellet production

Increase in EU demand for biomass pellets since 2005

Product Uses

Export Power Generation

  • Consistency in feedstock
  • Volume available
  • Proximity to international shipping ports

Domestic Power Generation

  • Coal replacement for power
  • Volume available
  • Mississippi River location

Industrial Heat

  • Coal replacement for boilers
  • Head source for cement plants
  • Mississippi River location