American BioCarbon Completes Commercial Plant Design

White Castle, LA (November 23, 2021)  - American BioCarbon, an innovative manufacturer of renewable products made from sugarcane bagasse, has successfully completed 1st phase Front End Engineering and Design for its first commercial facility. The company, which currently operates a pilot plant co-located with the Cora Texas Sugar Mill, produces high-quality bagasse pellets and biochar for commercial customers, and will now commence competitive procurement of the equipment and services needed to construct a commercial plant at the White Castle site to produce over 150,000 tons per year of product by 2022.

For its commercial facility, American BioCarbon has designed a plant configuration that best matches its host’s bagasse production, mitigates feedstock risk, optimizes process efficiency and generates significant investor returns. The biorefinery will consume all of the excess bagasse produced by the Cora Texas Sugar Mill during the sugar cane harvesting and grinding season, while also providing a beneficial use for up to 150,000 tons per year of agricultural waste (bagasse and field trash) that currently sits in piles adjacent to the facility. The facility will produce 100,000 tons of fuel pellets and 50,000 tons of biochar per year.

American BioCarbon uses patented biomass separation technology to produce fuel pellets and biochar soil amendment from sugarcane bagasse (the waste byproduct from sugar production). American BioCarbon operates under a long-term lease with the Cora Texas Sugar Mill; integration with the Mill provides significant value to the Mill, sugar growers, and American BioCarbon. White Castle is located near several large international shipping ports, with exceptional talent and resources in the region from the agriculture, Oil & Gas, and chemical processing sectors.

About American BioCarbon

From its agricultural waste pelletizing facility in White Castle, LA, American BioCarbon uses best-in-class technology and manufacturing safety disciplines to supply commercial, industrial, and municipal customers with sustainable products derived from sugar cane bagasse.  The environmentally sustainable pellets offset carbon emissions in the global energy markets and are used domestically for environmental remediation. American BioCarbon also produces biochar for agribusiness, retail outlets and commercial customers to provide a nutrient-rich soil amendment to grow vegetables and other high-quality crops, as well as provide a valuable carbon sequestration tool.



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