• Bagasse-based Biochar

    American BioCarbon's agricultural biochar is a carbon-rich, solid material made from sugar cane bagasse that offers compelling climate benefits. When incorporated into soils, biochar is up to 100 times more stable than the feedstock from which it was produced, and a substantial amount of biochar’s organic carbon will persist in soil for decades to millennia. Additionally, biochar offers environmental and agricultural benefits such as nutrient retention, enhanced crop yields, improved water holding capacity, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and increased aeration.

  • Voluntary Carbon Market

    One in five of the world’s 2,000 largest publicly listed companies have now committed to a “net-zero” emissions target. Voluntary carbon markets allow carbon emitters to offset their unavoidable emissions by purchasing carbon credits emitted by projects that remove greenhouse gas from the atmosphere. Companies can participate in the voluntary carbon market to whatever level they so choose and can do so either individually or as part of an industry-wide commitment. With a rapidly evolving marketplace, there is an opportunity for products that can be deployed to help corporations meet 2050 goals.

  • Carbon Removal Credits

    Not all carbon credits are created equal. The highest value credits are those whose
    “carbon removal” claims hold up to the toughest levels of scientific scrutiny. Carbon dioxide removal credits require physically capturing CO2 from the atmosphere and stabilizing it into durable storage. Globally recognized registries like Puro.earth have established protocols for measuring, registering, and trading carbon dioxide removal credits. To learn more about purchasing CO2 Removal Certificates,
    learn more about purchasing CO2 Removal Certificates, visit American BioCarbon’s Puro.earth registry.

Partnership with Puro.earth

  • American BioCarbon has partnered with Puro.earth, the world’s leading crediting platform for engineered carbon removal, and has been third party certified to comply with the Puro Standard
  • This verification allows American BioCarbon to capture the value of biochar's carbon sequestration properties in digital tradable assets called CO2 Removal Certificates, or CORCs, which are issued into the Puro Registry and can be sold in the extremely fast-growing voluntary carbon market
  • American BioCarbon’s net negative biochar neutralizes carbon emissions for climate conscious companies who purchase the credits
  • Our current production is expected to grow from over 3,000 CORCs available annually to over 165,000 CORCs available in 2026 and are pre-certified by Puro.earth

Economic, Environmental and Social Benefits

American BioCarbon is committed to carbon sequestration and the focus on Environmental, Social and Governance objectives, aligning with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. Some of the key goals that American BioCarbon positively influences include promoting Sustainable Agriculture to help achieve Zero Hunger, ensuring Sustainable Water Management and Affordable Clean Water, supporting Sustainable Economic Growth, building Resilient Infrastructure, encouraging Sustainable Consumption, and contributing to the Protection, Restoration, and Sustainable Use of Terrestrial Ecosystems while battling Desertification.

By serving as a soil amendment, biochar significantly reduces irrigation water usage through enhanced retention and can also serve as an effective filter for stormwater and wastewater, removing harmful pollutants. Beyond these environmental contributions, American BioCarbon actively supports an economically underserved region in the Southeastern United States. Leveraging patented technology and fostering innovation, American BioCarbon is making strides in sustainable solutions.

  • 3,000 CORCs

    High-integrity carbon removal credits generated annually by American BioCarbon, available on the Puro.earth registry.

  • 165,000 CORCs

    Annual pre-certified credits available for offtake agreements as American BioCarbon completes commercial facility.

  • Over 100 Years

    The durability of carbon sequestration achieved by American BioCarbon's bagasse biochar.

  • 100%

    The full volume of American BioCarbon CORCs sold to date have been delivered to buyers.