American BioCarbon Completes First CO2 Removal Certificate Transactions

White Castle, LA (July 7, 2022) - Earlier this week, American BioCarbon transacted its first CO2 Removal Certificates, or CORCs – to the tune of $130/CORC for a total of $65,000! CORCs are a certified digital trade asset which can be purchased by companies seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. American BioCarbon is certified by to sell CORCs.

American BioCarbon CORCs result in measurable, long-term carbon removal. Globally, there is rapidly expanding corporate commitment to net-zero carbon footprints and therefore rapidly increasing demand for certified CORCs to offset carbon emissions that cannot be eliminated.

About American BioCarbon

American BioCarbon is a carbon removal and renewable bioproducts company which offers a multi-pronged approach to scaling renewable bioenergy carbon capture. Our biochar is third-party certified by to remove and sequester carbon from the atmosphere. We are co-located with the Cora Texas Sugar Mill in White Castle, LA, and use patented biomass separation technology to make biochar and other products from sugar cane bagasse. We use an agricultural waste product in a unique way to eliminate legacy environmental impacts while helping customers meet environmental, social, and governance goals.

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