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Absorbent Pellets

Absorbent Pellets

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Super absorbent multi-purpose bagasse pellets, made from the biomass fiber that is leftover when sugar is processed. Odorless, environmentally-friendly, sustainable, and easy to use!

Suggested Absorbent Pellet Uses:

Pet Litter

American Biocarbon Absorbent Pellets can be used as an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional litter for cats, rabbits, ferrets, birds, and more.

Quick Spill Cleanup

Soak up soil runoff, solvents, and other non-viscous liquids. Sprinkle American BioCarbon Absorbent Pellets over the mess, wait for full absorption, and simply sweep up and safely dispose of the pellets. 

Animal Bedding

Use as animal bedding by either adding a half gallon of water to the bag of pellets or wet bedding or scattering pellets on the floor of the animal's habitat for dry bedding. 

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